Chemical Weather Research and Development Program

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NOAA is launching a major new initiative related to chemical weather forecasting. This research program, leading ultimately to an operational national air quality forecasting system, will be a collaborative effort that is built on past work and will involve other federal agencies (most notably the EPA) and the private sector.

This program is described more fully in its Implementation Plan (May 2001).

We are sponsored by NOAA's Air Quality Program.

Our first real-time products: photochemical grid model results from Summer/Fall 2001:

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The Forecast Systems Laborotory's coupled chemistry/meteorology model real-time (and some past) forecasts

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MCNC real-time MM5/SMOKE/MAQSIP air quality forecasts

  Comments about these models and related work may be posted to our
Air Quality Discussion Forum.

Related work:

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This page developed by Bill Moninger and Randy Collander;
chemical weather modeling by Georg Grell, all of NOAA's Forecast Research Laboratory.

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