NOAA's Forecast Systems Laboratory Display of METAR Data

Latest code is 29-June-99. To update to this version, simply restart Internet Explorer, or for Netscape, hold down your shift key and click reload .

Warning: These data are experimental, and are not always accurate. We update incorrect METAR locations based in part on user input. So, if you notice a misplaced station please notify us. If you notice a station that appears to be producing erroneous data, please notify the ASOS Operations and Monitoring Center (AOMC)
You need a Java-aware browser to run this.


Move the mouse over the map to see the geographic coordinates, the station name and weather information.

Drag (move the mouse while holding down button 1) to choose an area in which to zoom. (The zoom will occur as soon as the mouse button is released.) You can also zoom and roam by using the overview window. Undo zooming and roaming by clicking the un-zoom or reset button.

Choose to display weather information, counties and/or rivers by clicking the appropriate buttons. (Image rendering is faster when fewer lines are displayed, so you may wish to only display these after you have zoomed in.)

Click on a station to display its raw METAR report in a separate window.

Click on the color bar to hide all data except those corresponding to the color you have selected. The other colors will be x-ed out on the color bar. Or, click and drag on the color bar to show only a range of data. Click on any non-x-ed out color on the color bar to show all data again. (I think the colors are terrible. If you have a better color table, please send it to me.)

The Refresh button reads new data. The data files are created at the top of each hour and contain METARs having observation times within a time window from 15 minutes before the hour, to 44 minutes after the hour. This file is updated at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 45 minutes after the hour. More information.

Prepared by Bill Moninger,, 303-497-6435
Last modified: Mon Nov 24 09:06:44 MST 2003