NOAA/GSD National-Scale Satellite Image Loops

Images used on this page are produced by remapping data from the GOES-11 and GOES-12 satellites to a Lambert Confrmal Conic projection.
These images are merged into a composite image where politial boundaries and time stamp applied.
Visible Image Loops
Load a Large National-scale image or Large National Image loop
(1201 x 897 pixels), or
Choose a sectorized 5-km resolution Image by clicking on a sector name in the map below.
You can change the number of images shown from the initial 4, and each loop will update automatically.

National-scale Images
Lambert Conformal Conic projection (600 x 448 pixels)
Image Loop 4-frame Loop comment
Visible Visible Visible Only update during daylight hours
Infrared Infrared Infrared about color coding
Water Vapor Water Vapor Water Vapor Highlights high altitude water vapor
3.9-u 3.9-micron 3.9-micron about this wavelength
13-u 13-micron 13-micron

Also see our extended domain GOES page (in native satellite coordinates).

Information on interpretation of the various satellite images is available on Dan Birkenheuer's home page.
(Other satellite image loops and explanations may be found at RAMSDIS.)

These products were developed in the Assimilation and Modeling Branch by Kevin Brundage and Bill Moninger and by Dan Birkenheuer of the Forecast Applications Branch.

The raw satellite data for these images are acquired by GSD's GOES Local Groundstation System, developed in our Information & Technology Services by Bob Lipschutz and Paul Hamer of the Data Systems Group.

As of 1 Oct 2003, animation for the loops in the table is provided by the Anis applet, developed by Tom Whittaker of the University of Wisconsin. (Loops generated by clicking on the image still use GSD's looper applet.)

Prepared by Kevin Brundage,
Last modified: Wed Jan 02 08:00:00 MST 2008